I am not an expert and find the prospect of evaluating the various property management software programs available to determine what will be the best investment for my Department for the future daunting.”

There are currently various property management software programs available on the market and the difficulty for most principals is deciding which is best for their business.

If they ask property managers for their opinion, they will always recommend the program that they are familiar with and confident of using.  If they refer it to their bookkeeper, a similar recommendation is provided but based solely upon the program’s Trust accounting facility.

Most principals are generally looking for a one-stop shop – a program that will handle their property management operations and Trust accounting; sales operations and Trust accounting; contact management requirements; and perhaps their general accounting.  Unfortunately, their pursuit of software perfection is flawed as there is no single program currently on the market that will achieve this total goal.

Apart from a few state specific companies there are three major national companies specialising in both the operational and Trust accounting aspects of property management, being –


  • Rockend’s REST Professional
  • RP Data’s RP Office
  • Console’s Gateway 2007


Having worked extensively with all three Anne and Tony Warren can provide an enlightened appraisal of each; their strengths, weaknesses and proposed future development.

REMA has no contractual arrangement with any of these companies so its recommendations are based solely upon its Directors experience as property management practitioners in the following situations –
            • Rockend REST Professional – McGrath, Sydney; Wentworth Property Management, Perth; True Property Management, Melbourne and Sydney
            • RP Data RP Office – Philip Webb, Melbourne; Woodards, Melbourne
            • Console Gateway 2007 – Wentworth Property Management, Melbourne, Sydney and the Gold Coast