I have engaged recruitment consultants to assist me with replacing my property management staff when needed but they seem to send me anyone whose CV they have received without referring to the detailed person and job descriptions I have supplied to them.  I have changed consultants but the results remain the same.  I waste so much time interviewing people who are quite obviously not suited to the position.”

The initial cost of replacing a property management team member is high – whether it is a time cost for the principal in placing an advertisement in both newspapers and internet employment sites; sifting through the written or emailed applications received and short-listing; interviewing prospective candidates; and finally negotiating with the successful candidate.

Alternatively, the company may use a specialist real estate recruitment company of which there are quite a number to choose.  This then involves providing them with a detailed job and person description; showing the consultant the office environment; and providing detail about the company, existing staffing, etc.  The consultant will then place the advertisement; short-list the candidates; and recommend one or two in particular to be interviewed.

Whichever process is used, it is basically flawed.

If the principal handles the process, the vast majority are not really sure about who they are looking for.  They know they need a property manager and they would generally like one with experience, but that’s normally where the person description ends.  When it comes to assessing the applications from prospective candidates, most real estate principals have not the experience to qualify the candidate’s credentialing.  Finally, at the interview process, they are not experienced in the operational aspect of property management so their judgement is based upon what they have been told by the candidate instead of what they have been able to glean from a carefully structured interview process.  The end result is that they are probably looking for a replacement within the 3 month qualifying period.

If a recruitment consultant handles the process, just like a salesperson, they are paid on results.  Experience shows us that after referring a number of candidates, all of whom are totally unsuitable for the position, a decision is made based upon the scarcity of qualified candidates and once again, the end result is that they are again looking for a replacement within the 3 month guarantee period.

REMA’s belief is that successful recruiting is vital for the ongoing growth of the business as every time a property manager leaves a company, regardless of the amount of time they have been employed, there is always a loss of properties from management.


REMA can develop detailed job and person descriptions which should be at the heart of the recruiting process; create advertising copy to attract the right applicants for the position advertised; screen all prospective applicants; and short-list those considered suitable for an interview.  REMA can also assist with the interview process and make recommendations for suitability of employment.


REMA is not a recruiting consultant but can assist you in all or some of the above areas as both Anne and Tony Warren have employed literally hundreds of specialist property management staff over the years and are fully aware of the pitfalls in the process.  Having trained a large number of property managers over many years, they are also aware of many of the applicants’ past employment histories.


REMA is a recruiting resource you should fully utilise.