I am sick and tired of dealing with property management issues– the constant complaints from landlords and tenants; the lack of growth; and the never-ending staff changes.  I’d get rid of the rent roll if I could but I realise it’s the only asset I have in the business.”

Does this sound familiar?

Are you spending too much time on non-income producing activities?

Would you prefer to focus on your real estate sales business and let someone else handle the property management problems?

Traditionally, when real estate principals are at their wits end with problems, they look at selling their rent roll.  Rent roll outsourcing is a viable alternative as you retain and add to the asset while a professional property management company is running this part of your business.

There are various outsourcing models to consider and one that may fit your needs.  Tony and Anne Warren have considerable experience in this area and would be delighted to discuss your options.