I often attend fabulously motivating property management seminars; return to my office and rev-up the team, who assure me the great ideas I picked up will be implemented; and then discover some weeks or months later that nothing has happened?”

It’s always difficult to work on the business whilst working in the business and change of any description requires managing and regular review which is time consuming for most principals.

Then there’s the question of where to start;

How can I adapt the ideas I gleaned from training to a workable system for our company?”

How can I motivate the team to embrace change?”

How do I monitor its effectiveness?”

Change management and assistance with tailoring ideas to work in your specific company is second nature to Anne & Tony Warren who have extensive experience in all aspects of training, team development, individual and team coaching and hands-on property management.  Why not call in a practitioner who “walks the talk” to assist you?