If you’re as familiar with your website as I am with mine, then you may be blind to certain weaknesses. It’s only natural. When you see something on a regular basis, you begin to not see it after a while.

Just the other day somebody pointed out a spelling error on my home page (in a bolded sentence no less). I had probably looked at the sentence a thousand times. But because I knew what it was supposed to say, I was blind to the mistake.

What does this have to do with real estate Internet marketing? Everything. From a marketing standpoint, we all have flaws with our websites. That’s okay, as long as you work to identify them and improve them. But identifying them is the hard part!

Internet Marketing Exercise

This little exercise will help you “step outside” of yourself and see your website with fresh eyes. Pretend for a moment that your website belongs to a stranger, and you’re being paid to evaluate it honestly. Now print out the following questions and visit your home page:

  • Is the navigation logical? Can you immediately find your way around?
  • Within the first ten seconds, do you see anything of value to you?
  • Do you see anything worth digging deeper for?
  • Does this website give you confidence in the owner?
  • Does the website suggest professionalism and attention to detail?
  • Does the website make you want to learn more? Why or why not?

I hope this exercise helps you find areas you might improve. Once you’ve done it with your home page, you might even want to visit your other important pages and ask the same questions.

Better yet, ask a friend to do it for you … somebody known for their brutal honesty.

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