Real Estate Management Advisory Pty Ltd
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Suite 1315a/401 Docklands Drive

Telephone: 03 9001 1559
Fax: 03 9001 1556

Thanks for getting in touch!

We aim to respond to all queries in two business days. In the meantime, here are some common questions that we get:

Will you also be consulting to my competitors?
No, REMA will only provide its ongoing consultancy services to one agent in each suburb.

How do I know the information about my business is secure?
REMA has developed a comprehensive Confidentiality Agreement which is completed by both parties ensuring the security of your business information.

Can I afford your services?
Whilst each consulting assignment is assessed individually, REMA’s flexible charges are far more affordable than you would think and are tailored specifically for each company.

My office is located in a rural community, a long way from any capital city.  Can you assist me?
REMA has provided consulting services to estate agents across the country.  In some instances, it is more cost effective, after the initial consultation and Business Audit, to provide most consulting services electronically.  We would require remote access to your server for this to occur efficiently.

I don’t know exactly what I need.  I just know that my property management department is not growing or operating efficiently.  What do you suggest?
REMA’s Business Audit would be the perfect place to start.  This process analyses all aspects of your department’s operations and provides extensive recommendations for improvement.  It is normally a one day process followed up with a comprehensive written report.